Here’s information for December on the phases of the moon and signs of the zodiac.

       General Tips for dark- and light-moon activities are below and for veggies – if you’re planting in a cold frame, low tunnel or greenhouse - it’s above-ground producers in the light moon and below-ground producers when the dark phase is in, preferably when fertile signs are in force.

The moon

      December begins and ends with the moon in the light phase. The light moon rules until the full moon appears at 10:47 a.m. Dec. 3 and then returns at 1:30 a.m. EST Dec. 18, continuing until the full moon on New Year’s Day, 9:24 p.m.

      And, in January we will have two full moons, one on Jan. 1 and the second on Jan. 31!

      The dark moon rules most of Dec. 18 through Dec. 31. You can check the exact hours of the moon changes above.

The signs

     Remember: Check to see if the moon is in the light or dark phase (information above) before proceeding with protected planting in a greenhouse or indoors.

      December begins with a fertile sign in force, so that’s where we will start.

        Fertile days: These are the most fertile signs in the zodiac. Here’s the breakdown as they occur this month and the phase of the moon in which they are in force.

          Taurus (the neck) rules Dec. 1, 28-29; light moon ruling; Cancer (the breast) Dec. 4-5, dark phase; Scorpio (the secrets), Dec. 13-14, dark moon; and Pisces (the feet), rules Dec. 23-24, light moon.

          There are nine days again this month ruled by the most fertile signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Cancer.

      Gemini days: Gemini (the arms) rules Dec. 2-3, 30-31. No need talking about the moon phase, there’s no bean planning going on now – at least not in our neck of the woods. I would, however, treasure this many Gemini days in the summer!

     Killing signs: No planting, transplanting, or dealing with things you want to thrive should occur on these days. Reserve them for cultivating, cleaning out fencerows, cleaning up your 2017 garden and putting it to bed — anything but planting.

      Why I wouldn’t even suggest cutting a Christmas tree on one of these killing days since the needles are liable to be falling off before you get it to the house!

      Leo (the heart) Dec. 6-7 and Aries (the head), Dec. 25-27.

     Flowering days: Virgo (the bowels), rules Dec. 8-10 and Libra (the reins) is up Dec. 11-12. There are five flowering days in December.

     So-so days: These aren’t particularly fertile nor destructive, just so-so. They appear in this order in December: Sagittarius (the thighs), Dec. 15-17; Capricorn (the knees), Dec. 18-19; and Aquarius (the legs), Dec. 20-21. There are eight days in December ruled by the so-so signs, all are under the influence of the light moon.

December tips

      Here are a few general tips for activities other than planting:

      >Winter begins at 11:28 a.m. on Dec. 21. We won’t notice it immediately, but on Dec. 22 the amount of daylight will begin to slowly increase, moving toward the day with the most daylight hours, June 21, 6:07 a.m. when summer begins.

      >Ember Days: there are three Ember Days this month, Dec. 20, 22-23. Remember these are super killing days when no planting or transplanting should occur. Anything but planting.

      >Making changes: Finally, we have three perfect days for making changes this month and we haven’t had any perfect ones for a long time. These days find the moon is in the dark phase and the signs going out of the body beyond anything that functions.

      The days are Dec. 15-17. The sign is in Sagittarius (the thighs). If you have changes to make like stopping smoking, starting a diet, weaning small animals or children, scheduling elective surgery – anything that requires a change – here are your perfect days!

      >Pouring gravel: If you have gravel to pour on a drive or roadway, do that when the light moon rules through Dec. 2 and then beginning Dec. 18 through Dec. 31. The same applies for stones on a garden path: Place them when the moon is in the light phase so they don’t sink.

      >If you’re setting fence posts, do that in the light of the moon so the posts don’t sink.

      >If you’re putting on a new shingle roof, do that when the moon’s in the dark phase so that the shingles stick down and don’t curl up on the ends.

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